10 money-saving hacks for working parents while social distancing – Business Insider

  • If you’re balancing raising your kids and working from home during lockdown, it may feel like you’re up against an endless list of to-dos. 
  • From online educational resources to upcycling hacks, there are plenty of ways you can keep your kids busy while stuck inside, without breaking the bank. 
  • Visit your recycling bin for a plethora of DIY craft supplies, take advantage of online sales and shopping discounts, and ask for refunds for recurring costs like daycare or gym memberships. 
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Between keeping our kids entertained and educating them daily, on top of the nonstop cooking and cleaning, mom life under quarantine can feel pretty chaotic. While we can’t make bedtime come any sooner, we can give you a few of our favorite mom hacks that will add a little extra padding to your budget during social distancing, and hopefully make your job as mom a little easier.

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