Items You Should Buy Used Instead of New

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“You can sometimes save hundreds of dollars buying used tech items,” says Skirboll. For televisions, she suggests buying an “open-box tv” when you buy from a store like Best Buy or Target. “This would get you a discount on a television that was returned or simply just used as a store model, however, make sure you are getting a full warranty as you would on a brand new model. At Best Buy, you can save as much as 25 percent if you buy the floor model product.”

Skirboll also recommends checking out Amazon Warehouse for used tech. There, you can find open-box items like tablets and laptops that have been returned, used, damaged in a warehouse, or refurbished. Under “Buying Options,” Amazon sorts by conditions, so you can tell if the item is in good condition or not. We found this Xbox wireless controller on Amazon. These are the tech items you can buy used—and the ones you shouldn’t.

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