How to Manage Money Properly

How to Manage Money Properly, without losing to much of your fun times. Americans are spending money left and right and not understanding as to why it always gone. The american people do not protect what essentially could be their financial status, and well being. One thing I wish people would stop complaining they have no money, as well as quit asking to borrow it.

How much are you really spending on your luxury or useless items each month, this does include eating out. One of my best friends just told me the other day he probably just wastes $6,000 a month on stuff he does not need. Just for example he wastes money on: snake. Okay lets take a look on how to save your money, and make money with it.

How to Manage Money Properly:

1. Open a bank account, preferably one at a credit union.

2. Every paycheck you get, take no less than 10%, but try to do put the recommended 25% into your account.

3. Get a bank account that transfers your change leftover from your purchases into your savings account.

4. Spend less on luxury items, I know this seems harsh, but it is necessary.

5. Eat out less, you will save an average of $3800 a year if you just ate at home and imagine having this in your account every year! This is like having an extra tax return each year. When you feel the urge to go and eat, go to the bank, estimate what you would have spent and put it into your savings.

6. Grocery shop wisely, and spend the little extra to get healthier foods.

7. Change your own oil, it usually costs around $20.

8. Spend the extra.20 cents a gallon for the premium to get better efficiency on hp and/or gas mileage.

Realistically this list can go on for years, but there are so many ways to save money, these are some of the most common issues that people are talking about where they lose money on. How to Manage Money Properly, well really just stop spending so much and it would be there.

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