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Simple, easy and money-saving ideas that also do something positive for the environment:

Food banks need money most

Even during these uncertain times, your local food bank is actually discouraging the donation of food to help fill their shelves. The reason is donated food is often expired, contaminated or just unsafe to give away. Sorting through donations also takes time, which could be used instead by volunteers to help those in need. What they really need is cash donations. Food banks and pantries have relationships with wholesalers, and this means a single dollar can be turned into about nine cans of food. Cash donations enable them to get a lot more product to help people, and they can control the inventory to get what’s really needed in the community.

Best way to load dishwasher

Running a fully loaded dishwasher is the most energy- and water-efficient way to wash dishes. But it’s key to load it properly to get the cleanest results. When loading utensils, don’t load them all in the same direction. Spoons should not “spoon” each other; some should face up while others should face down. Make sure dirty dishes face the center, so the sprayer arm can most effectively get them truly clean. And don’t add an extra detergent tablet to the machine; the little packets are powerful enough for a whole load, and adding extra just causes a soapy film to be left behind.


Top coffee consuming countries

According to stats from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, these are the top coffee consuming countries in the world, per capita:

1. Switzerland – 23.1 lbs.

2. Norway – 19.1 lbs.

3. Sweden – 18 lbs.

4. Canada – 16.9 lbs.

5. Serbia – 15.2 lbs.

6. Brazil – 14.9 lbs.

7. New Zealand – 11.6 lbs.

8. United States – 10.8 lbs.

9. Australia – 10.3 lbs.

10. Costa Rica – 10.1 lbs.


By Chuck Sheppard

Bright Idea: Officials in Lund, Sweden, were concerned about people spreading coronavirus in the town’s central park as they gathered for Walpurgis Night on April 30, a traditional celebration welcoming longer, warmer days that includes picnics and bonfires. So to discourage revelers, the town spread chicken manure all over the park. “This is a park where usually 30,000 people gather, but with COVID-19, this is now unthinkable,” Mayor Philip Sandberg told Reuters. “We don’t want Lund to become an epicenter for the spread of the disease. Even a small number of people still going to the park can become a big risk.”

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